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your space

Space is Data

Buildings are intelligent, but they just don’t know how to communicate yet. Integrated Projects translates your building intelligence into actionable data, allowing you to design more efficient spaces, optimize cost, and predict how your space will be used, at scale.

Your buildings are talking; you just have to listen.


The Advantage of
Digital Assets

Technology is increasingly expanding the geographical reach of today’s firms. As firms grow in new markets to meet the demands of their diversifying client bases, the commercial real estate industry is shifting towards flexibility, scalability, and “space as a product.” To be successful, firms embracing this shift must think about how to scale and refine their product, how to control and reduce cost, and have a deeper understanding of what they own.

By digitizing your portfolio, building data is brought to your team’s fingertips, allowing the engineering & construction teams to design and coordinate quicker and more accurately than ever before. Have confidence converting, leasing, and adapting your spaces.


“The commercial real estate industry is shifting towards flexibility, scalability, and space as a product.”

How it Works

Schedule Your Scan

Working closely with your team, we’ll coordinate the appropriate access to your properties to ensure a seamless scan process. Whether your current space is being renovated, is in the middle of construction, or is currently tenant occupied, our team will work around your schedule and current property status to scan your space as soon as possible.

Capture Your Space

It’s game day! Based on your needs, our team will be ready with the appropriate gear to successfully scan your space. Depending on the number of floors or size of your property, will determine the time it will take to scan your space. No matter the size, we’ll be in and out in no time.

Virtually Interact With Your Space

Once we complete the scan of your property, your virtual walk-through will be ready within a day. Access your virtual walk-through on any internet-enabled device without leaving your office.

What We Deliver

Virtual Walk-Through

With our virtual walk-throughs, you’ll be able to tap into a first-person interactive view of your
space, giving you the ability to visualize and contextualize the existing conditions without ever leaving the office. Share your space in an interactive manner to improve the experience for your potential clients.

As-Built Floor Plans

Long gone are the days of outdated floor plans. By 3D capturing your space, we collect accurate spatial data to provide you with the most up-to-date as-built floor plans (BIM + CAD) including architecture, MEP, and FP, giving you the confidence to accurately plan your build-outs or renovations.

High-Resolution Interior/Exterior Photography

We’ll provide high-resolution photos of the interior and exterior of your buildings that create experiences that are pleasant at a visceral level, allowing your clients better understand what their new home will look like.

By the numbers
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