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Integrated Projects is a global building intelligence firm partnering with real estate owners and operators to translate the intelligence locked within the built environment. Our team of professionals believe designing through building information can transform how we build and engage with our places of work and living.


Digitizing Space:
Scan to BIM

Integrated Projects provides a suite of managed services for Enterprise Property Owners & Space Providers across major urban markets.


“During the last year, Integrated Projects has serviced over 170 locations amounting to 2.5+ million square feet of commercial space.”

How it Works

What We See

We see a significant shift in the commercial real estate industry towards scalability, flexibility and “space as a product.” Our suite of managed consulting, design services and products, are tailored to help high-growth and large portfolio owners gain entirely new efficiencies and insight into their spaces. This offering includes:

Digitize: 3D interior scanning, high-fidelity BIM as-built documentation

Design: Program + plan design with spatial quantities and metrics

Depict: Marketable visuals and renders in 3D and VR environments

Deliver: Managed architectural + engineering services for permitting

How it Works

What We Do

Integrated Projects seeks out people and clients who challenge the traditional project delivery methods for spaces and buildings. We work with ambitious clients who want to define, design and build the next generation of flexible office and living spaces – at scale. During the last year, Integrated Projects has serviced over 170 locations amounting to 2.5+ million square feet of commercial space for some of the largest, most progressive owners and operators across New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and London.

We vertically integrate design, engineering, data science, research and emerging technology to help clients achieve measurable business and organizational goals such as:

End-to-End Design Delivery: Optimize every stage of the project design cycle, from conception to delivery, by “productizing” deliverables, processes and execution. 

Speed: Increase project delivery speeds by 50% from traditional design-bid-build methods. 

Cost Control: Identify cost-saving measures that reduce construction costs, and increase overall buying power.

Data-Driven Insight: Gather, organize and structure meaningful building data to support critical business functions, enabling clients to be strong data leaders. 

Intelligent Metrics at Scale: Evolve building information into intelligence by designing, benchmarking and learning from each project within a portfolio.